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Hello! I’m Olivia Parks

If you’re new here, let me tell you that it’s okay for your home not to be organized and to feel overwhelmed with everyday life. I’m here to help you sort it all out!

Why Professional Organizing?

Hi there, I’m Olivia, owner and lead organizer of Professional Organizer New Orleans.

I was born and raised in the foggy city of San Francisco. I know what you’re about to ask. How on earth did you end up in New Orleans? Great Question!

Loyola University New Orleans has beautiful college brochures 🙂 In 2015, I took a huge jump and moved to New Orleans to pursue my Bachelor’s in Business Marketing at Loyola University New Orleans. I had never been to Nola before and never wanted to leave!

Growing up, I’ve always been an organized and orderly person. Since I was old enough to work, I’ve always gravitated towards working with children, families, and their homes. During my years as a nanny, I would find myself organizing and cleaning up client’s homes once the kids were asleep.

With my experience and love for working with families and their homes, I opened my professional organizing company in 2020 with my partner, Aaron. In just a short few years, we’ve worked with hundreds of clients throughout the southeast to organize, declutter, pack, and unpack their homes. We have an amazing team of organizers who help us deliver organized and decluttered homes for our clients!

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Life Outside of Organizing

When not organizing, I am likely at home with my partner, Aaron, and my puppy, Bentley. 

I love new experiences, doing pilates, trying local restaurants, traveling, and being outside. And I typically center my life around those things.

Organizing has allowed me to live my life fully, filled with many new experiences and plenty of traveling!

I’ve been all across the United States, including the U.S. Virgin Islands, and internationally to Greece, Italy, Mexico, and Costa Rica, with many more trips to come!

If I can help you organize, declutter, pack, or unpack your home, please reach out. Please reach out if you want to learn the ropes of growing a professional organizing business. I’d be happy to help!

Olivia Parks and Aaron Traub
Olivia Parks with her Puppy Bentley
Bentley Parks the Dog
Aaron Traub and Olivia

What Clients Have Said...

"Olivia and her team were amazing! What would have taken us days to do was done within hours. I appreciate how they handled my belongings with care, and asked questions when unsure. They were organized, focused, and paid great attention to detail. And let me not forget to mention how well they labeled everything."
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Brandy B.
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"Working with Olivia was a wonderful experience. She’s punctual, efficient and of course incredibly organized. She unpacked my things after a stressful move and was meticulous about item placement. This service is worth every single penny and more. Don’t think twice about booking this service, you won’t regret it."
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Nick S.
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"Olivia was literally amazing! It was an emotional move away from my loving New Orleans. She helped me organize and sort through my late husband things and packed them for my children in the most thoughtful and careful way. She made moving simple. I highly recommend her!!!"
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Alix S.
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