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What Does a Professional Organizer Do?

What Does a Professional Organizer Do?

Once a niche service, professional organizing has become a lifeline for many homeowners. 

Thanks to popular media and the increasing complexities of modern lives, more and more people ask, what exactly does a professional organizer do?

My name is Olivia Parks. I’m a professional organizer, working on hundreds of organizing and decluttering projects over the years. 

In this post, I will explain what professional organizers do and don’t do and what we, as a company, specifically do. 

Let’s get started!

Professional Organizers Assist Various Clientele

Like any professional, professional organizers specialize in various aspects of their industry. 

While some cater specifically to groups like busy professionals, families, or those with particular needs such as hoarding disorders, others have niches in areas like paper management, home office organization, or downsizing.

There are many professional organizers with various skills, specifications, and certifications that can help with just about any organizing or decluttering project. 

Finding the right professional organizer will ultimately depend on your project, your needs, and if you and the professional organizer(s) mesh well together.

But all in all, below are what we offer and what many other professional organizers in the industry offer. 

Hands-On Organizing

As you probably guessed, professional organizers offer hands-on organizing services. But what does this mean exactly? 

At its core, hands-on organizing goes beyond merely suggesting where items should go or drafting an organizing plan on paper. 

It involves:

  • Physically diving into the clutter.
  • Sorting through items.
  • Categorizing items.
  • Establishing functional systems in place.
  • And using the right organizing products to streamline the organization.

It’s about assessing the available space, understanding your habits and preferences, and then carefully arranging items that look aesthetically pleasing and are sustainable in the long run. 

That leads us to the next transformational service many organizers offer: decluttering!

Decluttering & Donation Services

Decluttering is a large part of what many professional organizers do. 

Decluttering is the process of making decisions on what items in your home are to be kept, donated, or trashed. 

Decluttering is a transformative process that a professional organizer can assist with. 

From the decision-making process to hauling items away, an organizer can make a big difference in your space with the help of decluttering. 

Decluttering is an emotional process for many, as decisions about what to keep and let go can evoke many feelings. 

That’s where a professional organizer shines – guiding, supporting, and facilitating these decisions while transforming the space into one of order and organization. Hiring a professional organizer to help you declutter can also keep you accountable. 

If you schedule a decluttering session, a professional organizer on our team will assist you one-on-one to help you decide what items to keep, donate, and trash.

Once your session is complete, we will load and haul your trash and donations to various donation centers across the city. 

Product Research and Selection

Not every professional organizer works with organizing products, but many do. Many organizers assist with product research, shopping, selection, building, and more. 

Each space and home is unique and requires planning to properly organize a space using organization products. 

A professional organizer can either:

  • Recommend their favorite tried and true products.
  • Conduct personalized research to identify products that fit your space’s dimensions and aesthetics.
  • Offer insights on product durability, affordability, versatility, and ease of use, helping you make informed decisions.
  • Assemble or install organizing products or shelving.
  • And more

We personally offer product research, shopping, selection, and building for all our clients. (Products are an additional cost and will be reimbursed after project completion.)

Each home and space is unique, and we understand that. Depending on your needs, we may use products from our inventory or research and purchase products online or in-person from our favorite retailers. 

6 Cube Organizer from Brightroom

Often, our clients may want to use metal storage shelving or a six-cube organizer to assist in organizing their space. We are happy to purchase, assemble, and use your new organizing products to increase storage and organize your space. 

Products are not necessary to organize and declutter a space, but they can help maintain long-term organization.

Moving, Relocating, and Downsizing

Did you know that professional organizers help with the moving process?

Many organizers assist in the moving process, typically with packing, unpacking, downsizing, and even hiring movers. A professional organizer can alleviate a lot of the stress of moving to a new home. 

An organizer can assist with decluttering before packing your items, making fewer overall items to pack. 

An organizer can also help pack your home’s items and memories in an organized and careful manner. 

Additionally, once you’ve moved, organizers can help unpack your items and set up each area so your new home feels like a home. 

We help families and individuals pack and unpack their items without having to lift a finger all the time!

We even shop for your packing materials and show up on your scheduled day with packing materials in hand!

If you would be interested in packing or unpacking services, we would love to help! 

What Professional Organizers Don’t Do

While our goal is to transform your space, specific tasks lie outside the purview of professional organizing. House cleaning, for instance, is different from organizing. 

Every professional organizer and organizing company is different. Some organizers do offer house cleaning, but many do not. 

It’s best to ask professional organizers if you’re looking to hire the different services they offer. 

At Professional Organizer New Orleans, we do not offer house cleaning services. We do what we call “light cleaning” on our organizing projects. 

For example, if we are organizing your pantry, we would wipe down all shelving after pulling items and sweep out your pantry. Or, we will wipe down your bathroom drawers before organizing them. 

We don’t offer house cleaning services, but we believe in leaving the space worked on better than when we arrived. We won’t organize a space and leave it dirty and dusty. 

Do I Need a Professional Organizer?

People hire professional organizers for various reasons. However, most people hire us because they don’t have the time or energy to organize and declutter their homes. 

This is where we come in! We aim to be a full-service provider that can fully transform any space in your home without lifting a finger. 

If you don’t have the time or energy to organize or declutter your space, we would love to help! We are a zero-judgmental and confidential company solely here to help you and your home. 

Ready to Work with a Professional Organizer?

Looking to work with a home organizer in New Orleans?

If you’re ready to schedule your organizing or decluttering session(s) or have more questions about our services, contact us online or call us at (504) 321-6792. 

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Olivia Parks is the owner of Professional Organizer New Orleans and a home organization enthusiast. Olivia graduated from the University of Loyola New Orleans. When she is not organizing a client's home, you can find her at the gym, outside, or at Whole Foods.