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5 Tips to Help Keep Your Kid’s Room Organized

Organizing a Kids Room

Getting your child’s room clean is difficult. However, keeping it clean can be even harder! 

Most children aren’t naturally organized, so it is important for parents to model organization for them and help them to keep their room as clean and as organized as possible. This helps kids maintain a more functional environment in their bedroom, making parents happier. 

Thankfully, there are several simple things that you can do to help keep your kid’s room as organized as possible. Here are five great tips. 

Throw Away Trash

One of the first things that you can do to help keep your kid’s room organized is to throw out trash from their room. Trash can build up very quickly in a kid’s room, especially if they spend a lot of time in there. 

Taking a few minutes each day to help your child gather and throw away all of their trash will help to keep the room much tidier. You can even place a trash can inside your child’s room to make it easier for them to throw things away. 

Go Through Their Clothes 

If you haven’t gone through your children’s clothes in a while, this is definitely a good idea.

Work in sections. You can start with the clothes that are in their closet, and then you can work your way to their dressers, totes, or anywhere else that you keep their clothes. This helps to stop things from getting overwhelming because you are working section by section. 

Then let your child determine what items they would like to keep, what items they would like to donate, and what items are worn out enough to throw away. 

Sort Through Toys and Books

Another group of items to sort through are books and toys. These are items that tend to accumulate quickly, so it is important to go through them often. 

Start with the toys. Let your child keep the toys that they actually play with, and then have them donate the rest to siblings, friends, or charities. 

Then sort through their books. Going through their books is also important because children outgrow certain books as they get older. There are likely several books just collecting dust in your child’s room. So they are better off being given to someone else. 

Incorporate Easy to Use Storage Solutions

Using storage containers is perhaps one of the best ways to help keep your child’s room organized. 

Storage solutions come in all shapes and sizes, making it easy to find ones that meet the organizational needs of your child’s bedroom.

These organizers are perfect for using anywhere that your child stores their items. This could include the closet, under the bed, in the drawers, on their dresser, and the list goes on. 

There are organizers made of plastic or metal or fabric. Then there are single compartment containers, and there are multi-compartment containers that come with differently sized compartments. It all depends on how you want to use them.

With the help of these organizers, your child will easily be able to find a home for all the items in their room. 

Give Your Child A Reward System

Few things are more motivating than a reward. Since this is true, it is a good idea to reward your children when they keep their room tidy. 

You can let them know that you will reward them for keeping their room organized for a certain amount of time. Targeting the reward to something your child truly likes will motivate them to organize their room and keep both of you happy. 

Just be sure to let them know what you expect so that you are pleased with their efforts.

Final Thoughts

Helping your child organize their room and keep it organized doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task.
If you’d like to learn more about organizing your child’s room, or if you’d like help from a professional home organizer, visit us at Professional Organizer New Orleans today.