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5 Practical Tips for a Clean and Organized Home

Did you know that living in a disorganized and cluttered home risks your mental health? Research suggests that staying in a messy home causes higher cortisol levels in women. So your mental health can suffer when you don’t organize the items in your house.

But with many responsibilities on your plate, organizing and cleaning your home can be overwhelming. It is also challenging if you don’t know the best way to organize your home. So we’ve compiled a list of five practical tips for a clean, organized home.

Have Less Stuff

We are all tempted to keep things we do not need in our homes. Reducing the items you have in your home will help it stay organized and clean.

Purge stuff that does not add value to your house. Go through items in your home to see what you do not need or no longer need. For instance, you could have old shoes in your closet that you no longer use. 

As you think about the items you don’t need, decide how you’ll dispose of them. You can probably throw away some things, but you can donate or sell them if the items are in good condition. 

If you think items still have good value, selling them online is a great option to earn some cash from the unnecessary items crowding your house. You can sell your items through social media or online trading platforms.

Establish a Place for Everything

Creating a place for everything allows you to keep your home and closets organized. If items don’t have a place, they end up scattered all over the house. That’s how random items like hair combs end up in your kitchen drawer.

You can avoid being disorganized by

  • Setting aside a place for each item
  • Grouping similar things together
  • Placing frequently used things where you can reach them with ease
  • Storing things close to where you need them

Creating a place for everything also enables you to avoid time wastage. You can find items you need in seconds if you know where you keep them. 

Clean as You Go

Cleaning the whole house in one go can be too hard. The solution is to clean every time you make a mess or encounter a dirty item or surface in the home. This practice helps you maintain a clean and organized house. 

You can clean as you go by practicing the following:

  • Washing clothes before they pile up
  • Cleaning dirty dishes immediately after a meal
  • Wiping the bathroom sink after brushing your teeth
  • Cleaning the kitchen countertops while preparing food
  • Emptying your trash can each day

Don’t Put It Down, Put It Away

You may be tempted to place items anywhere after using them. 

For example, you may put a plate on the table after eating, leave the scissors on the kitchen counter, or toss your coat on the couch when you come in the front door. Then before you know it, there’s a pile of things on the dinner table, the kitchen counter, or the couch. 

The perfect solution is putting away items after use. It takes discipline, but it saves you time and maintains a tidy home. 

Done Is Better Than Perfect

There’s a high chance you may want to be a perfectionist in organizing and cleaning your home. Although perfectionism feels right, it can be unhelpful. You can waste too much time or not get everything done if you want to have a spotless house.

Focus on the essentials, such as vacuuming the carpet versus shampooing the stains in the carpet, or loading the dishwasher versus cleaning the oven backsplash. 

Do not pressure yourself to believe you must be perfect. To avoid stress, appreciate whatever effort you make toward cleaning and organizing your home.

Bottom Line

When you have many responsibilities, cleaning and organizing your house can seem challenging. Be kind to yourself and take it step by step. Pick one tip from this list and put it into practice. Once it becomes a habit, pick another tip, and so on, until you achieve the results you want. 

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