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Home Organization in New Orleans, La

We all have many different things going on in our lives. Whether it be work, school, the kids, traveling, moving, you name it! We’re all so busy!
Sometimes, we just need a little boost to get us where we want to go. Getting your home professionally organized can absolutely get you there!
Our goal is to provide families and individuals a home that is easy to manage, stylish to show, and makes you proud to call yours.

The more organized you are at home, the more mental clarity, focus, productivity, me time, family time, better sleep, and healthier lifestyle you will have.

Clearing the clutter and putting everything in place is truly a magic remedy to success.

If you’re looking for a professional home organizer in New Orleans, La that you can depend on, call or book online today for a free consultation!

Home Organization Services in New Orleans

Setting Your Home Up for Success

Professional Organization Services in New Orleans, LA

Home Decluttering & Organizing

Do you get overwhelmed at the thought of decluttering and organizing your home? We can help you declutter and organize any area of your home, leaving you feeling lighter, happier, healthier, and less stressed!

Our organizing services are aimed at making you and your family’s space comfortable and more enjoyable. 


What's Included?

Home organizer New Orleans, La
Packing and Unpacking in New Orleans, La

Packing & Unpacking for a Move

Do you want to have a smooth and easy transition into your new home? We can help you purge, organize, and pack or unpack your belongings to get your new home set up for success!


What's Included?

home organization services in new orleans, la

Our Testimonials

Meet Olivia

A San Francisco native, still learning to include “yall” into her daily vocabulary :). At the age of 12 Olivia began babysitting which later led to 10+ years experiencing nannying. She loved it, but soon realized, once the children were asleep, she didn’t want to watch Dateline and The Voice, as a normal babysitter would. She wanted to organize the families’ homes! Definitely not your average nanny!

After graduating from Loyola University New Orleans with a degree in Marketing, Olivia soon realized that she had a passion for marketing her organization services to families all over New Orleans. And..AHA! Professional Organizer New Orleans was born.

When Olivia’s not organizing…very rarely, you can find her at the New Orleans Public Library, The Fly, walking around Audubon Park, or at the New Orleans airport, bags packed, ready to explore a new city.

Olivia Parks Signature
Olivia Parks


Home Organization FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

A Professional Organizer assists individuals in taking back their home and implementing functional and maintainable organizational systems.

A professional organizer’s goal is to restore mental clarity, reduce stress & anxiety, and increase overall happiness in the home. 

No. A House Cleaner simply cleans your home, they don’t solve the root of the issue, which is disorganization. A house cleaner sets you up for short term success, where as, a home organizer sets you up for long term success 🙂

The length of a home organization session ranges depending on the size and scope of the project. 

An in-depth home consultation will help better understand the overall project.

At Professional Organizer New Orleans we can work with you on:

  • Kitchen Organization
  • Bedroom Organization 
  • Living Room Organization
  • Dining Room Organization 
  • Bathroom Organization
  • Craft Room Organization 
  • Toy Room Organization 
  • Closet Organization 
  • Garage Organization 
  • Home Office Organization 
  • Backyard Organization 

A Home Organization Session will begin by the client giving us a tour of their home and then discussing what is and is not currently working.

We will then begin the session by working in your priority areas – the areas that drive you the most nuts!

Depending on the space, we may recommend organizational containers, although we try to use what you already have. Less is more!

Of course not!  A professional organizer is there to assist you in the decision making process, giving you opinions and advice on what to keep, toss, and donate. The ultimate decision is of course, yours. 

It is completely up to you how hands-on or hands-off you want to be. We do recommend that you are there for the decluttering process so that we know what to keep, toss, or donate. Once we know the above, we can easily do the rest without you being home.

Ask Yourself These Questions:

  • Am I wasting time each morning, evening, or night looking for items?
  • Am I spending money on items I know I already have but just can’t find?
  • Do I tell myself I’ll start organizing tomorrow, but never do?
  • Does my clutter and disorganization cause me stress and anxiety?
  • Do I have control over my piles of paper?

If the answer was YES to any of these questions, you would highly benefit from a home organizing session.

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